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DJ Optick

From festivals to club gigs, from dance events in front of hundreds to tens of thousands of people, Optick’s mixing style has brought him immense popularity on the electronic music scene.

DJ Pagal

If you spend a night in the Romanian nightlife it’s absolutely impossible not hearing his name. And it might have nothing to do with his well-known nickname “The King of After Hours”, but with the fact that he’s definitely one of the Romanian clubbing scene pioneers.

DJ Tudor

Influenced by his professional studies, travels, and cultural upbringing, his style is an eclectic, rhythmic and melodic blend of House, Tech, and Progressive, with Eastern European touches.

Drek Martinez

DREK MARTINEZ is far from the usual “egotrip”, more into a plural opening based on the feelings of the crowd, who’s more into deciding than just watching and listening

Jay London

Jay London’s music is a deep dive into human consciousness. His sets are transporters through the labyrinths of a creative mind, where a figment of one’s imagination begins a journey without maps, a journey into the unknown.

Mihai Popoviciu

Mihai Popoviciu is considered, by the romanian critics aswell by the foreign media, one of the most innovative producers of electronic music in Eastern European and probably the most prolific Romanian clubbing artist.


The two guys born in Timisoara are part of the new guard of electronic music in Romania. In a short time they managed to enter as key players in the industry.

Rosario Internullo

In 1998 he comes in Romania for the first time and he is invited to organize Zerillo’s after-hours, the first of this kind ever kept in Romania.

Sylvain Armand

DJ & producer SYLVAIN ARMAND is interested in celebrating digital music expression as means of setting the background for what is about to come. The very nature of electronic music is about anticipation of the technological equilibrium.

Val Laville (Vali Barbulescu)

A resident with a weekly radio show the top dance station Vibe FM, Val is also one of the headliners for Liberty Parade, Romania’s biggest dance festival. He is the producer of this year’s Liberty Parade anthem.

Vika Jigulina

A Russian-born Romanian music producer, singer, and DJ. She is best known as the vocalist in the international dance hit “Stereo Love” and “Desert Rain” by Romanian producer and musician Edward Maya.