Drek Martinez

« Know where you come from and go where music takes you ».

Fifteen years went by since the first vynils were put on the turntables, when the ear trains itself, when the musical environment takes shape. Learn, create, offer… and constantly start again. A flashback without any nostalgia. From passion to vocation, the path has been taken naturally, to the sound of Hip-Hop beats that since then have been mixed with so many other influences.

DREK MARTINEZ is far from the usual “egotrip”, more into a plural opening based on the feelings of the crowd, who’s more into deciding than just watching and listening…South of France, Paris, ST Tropez, DREK performs in hot-spots of partying, where the night never ends. With this little something that makes clubs THE place to be. In those places where careers are made and unmade in a snap, each of his performances is a real event. Sense the mood, the feelings and the emotions of the crowd: this is the quintessence of his work. DREK gets over every obstacle. Always with the same pleasure and the same determination: a strength, almost a trade mark.

“You need influences to impose your own.” DREK grew up and evolved to the sound of selections by DJ AM and Mark Ronson. He now plays with A-Trak, Timbaland, Snoop, P.Diddy or Kid Cudi. But he remains the same. No tricks, only accessories. Resident DJ in the most famous NYC clubs, he establishes his own references, 100% devoted to his music. Each performance is unique, each new track is a stone brought to the building of his style.

Once more, a natural progression: creation. DREK also works as a producer, takes part in collaborations and has a lot of personal projects going on. A sense of music devoted to the exploration of new horizons.

Music crosses borders. It is DREK MARTINEZ’s passport.

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