Mihai Popoviciu

Born in Sibiu, Mihai Popoviciu is considered, by the romanian critics aswell by the foreign media, one of the most innovative producers of electronic music in Eastern European and probably the most prolific Romanian clubbing artist.

At only 15, Mihai felt the virus of house and techno, through the VIVA music channel. The passion for the electronic sound grew rapidly, and the transition from simple fan status to producer was a natural step.

At 19, he sets up his own label, “Electro Casnice” with his friends Masstyk and The Model. In the summer of 2004, Michael joins Deejay Gigolos, label owned and managed by the famous DJ Hell. His song, “Sexy Spenders”, gets on “International Deejay Gigolos Compilation 8” and a year later his first vinyl disc, “Tales From The Moon EP”, was released on the same label. Mihai’s single became a success and received outstanding reviews from some of the top stars as Laurent Garnier, Mick Wils or DJ Chloe.

Later, in 2007, the single “First Contact” was released on Level Non Zero Recordings, the label of Pascal Feos. That same year, Mihai enters the “family” of Highgrade Records, along with his friend Markus Homm, gaining the first success with two songs “Deaf Sniper”, “Lagoon” or “Urban Ballroom”. During this time, he produced with Jay Bliss and Toygun, as Hermannstadt Collective. In this formula, they signed the tracks “Raw Fruit,” “Thirst Day” or “Safety Match”.

In 2009, he released productions on major labels such as Fear of Flying, Hudd Traxx, Band or Band Diynamic and signed, along with Markus Homm and Jay Bliss, the hit “Bis Co”. The song quickly entered in all the charts and climbed on the first position in Top 100 Beatport.

Beyond the impressive activity in producing, Mihai Popoviciu is a respected and appreciated DJ, regardless of location. The number of overseas events that Mihai Popoviciu was invited on in recent years has registered an impressive growth, the artist represented by Cyclic Agency becoming one of the most important clubbing artists in Romania.

In April 2011 he released his first full-length album, The Unexpected Truth, at Highgrade Records, production that received appreciation from very important names of the clubbing community.

Mihai is invited to mix in London, Ibiza, Berlin, Moscow, Zurich and Amsterdam. The gigs in Western Europe is becoming more numerous, beeing constantly present in important clubs in the area. Also, for the fall of 2011, he is preparing for a mini-tour in South America, tour that promotes his debut album released in April.

Discography – 12″ Releases:
Mihai Popoviciu – Tales From The Moon (12″) (International Deejay  Gigolo Records, 2005)
Homm & Popoviciu – Raumschiff (10″) (Size Doesn’t Matter Recordings, 2007)
Mihai Popoviciu – Televised Society EP (12″) (Vokuhila, 2007)
Mihai Popoviciu – First Contact (12″) (Level Non Zero, 2007)
Homm & Popoviciu – Green Fox (10″) (Size Doesn’t Matter, 2008)
Highgrade VA vol. 5 – Deaf Sniper (12″) (Highgrade, 2008)
Mihai Popoviciu – Motor Like (12″) (Subconce, 2008)
Homm & Popoviciu – Ekutok/Wire (12″) (Freunde Tontraeger, 2008)
Popoviciu, Jay Bliss & Toygun – Trei Sute Trei (12″) (Momentum, 2008)
Homm & Popoviciu – Nicole Heckmann (12″) (Freunde Tontraeger, 2008)
Homm & Popoviciu – Urban Ballroom (12″) (Highgrade, 2008)
Hermannstadt Collective – Raw Fruit (12″) (Immigrant, 2008)
Mihai Popoviciu, Jay Bliss & Toygun – White Heat (12″) (Smoke City, 2009)
Hermannstadt Collective – Thirst Day (12″) (Bang Bang, 2009)
Mihai Popoviciu, Jay Bliss & Toygun – Pepper Funk (12″) (Hudd Traxx, 2009)
Pagal, Mihai Popoviciu & Jay Bliss – Eucalipt/Melange (12″) (Fear Of Flying, 2009)
Pagal, Mihai Popoviciu & Jay Bliss – Set You Up (12″) (Level Non Zero, 2009)
Markus Homm, Mihai Popoviciu & Jay Bliss – Bis Co (12″) (Diynamic, 2009)
Pagal, Mihai Popoviciu & Jay Bliss – Inn Chant (12″) (All Inn Records, 2009)
Mihai Popoviciu – Hango N (12″) (Time Has Changed, 2010)
VA – Part 1 (Mihai Popoviciu – Till The End) (12″) (Level Non Zero, 2010)
Homm & Popoviciu – Cold Crush (12″) (Highgrade, 2010)
VA – Overview Sampler (Mihai Popoviciu & Timid Boy – Hum Hum) (12″) (Time Has Changed, 2010)

Discography – Remixes:
Pale Music :Serial: Killer Tracks 003 (12″) In The Dark (Mihai Popoviciu remix) (Pale Music, 2007)
Bionik Phunk – White Lines (Homm & Popoviciu remix) (12″) (Audiophonica, 2008)
Minilogue & KAB – That’s A Nice Way To Give Me Feedback (Homm & Popoviciu remix) (12″) (Bond, 2008)
Alex Flatner – SoulC.A. Jones (Mihai Popoviciu remix) (12″) (Circle, 2008)
Sebastian Lutz – Mantee (Hermannstadt Collective Remix) (12″) (BigCity Beats Techno, 2009)
Sanasol – Tambourine Man (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (12″) (Fear Of Flying, 2009)
Dole & Kom – Up All Night (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (12″) (Bondage, 2009)
Non Believers – One Eighty (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (12″) (Hudd Traxx, 2009)
Piek & Efron – Una Mirada (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (12″) (Cray1 Labworks, 2010)
Sonodab – Plastidecor (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (12″) (Trazable, 2010)
Kreon – Neoosh (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (12″) (Quantized, 2010)
Sasse & Phonogenic – That Philosphy Track (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (12″) (Highgrade, 2010)
Fonos & L-Jems – Black & White (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (12″) (Do Easy, 2010)

Discography –  Tracks on Compilations:
International DeeJay Gigolos CD Eight (2xCD) – Sexy Spenders (International Deejay Gigolo Records,2005)
Delahoya 2005 (CD) – Alienated Relations (Skills Records, 2005)
Delahoya 2006 (CD) – I’m Here (Skills Records, 2006)
Delahoya 2007 (CD) – Colder (Skills Records, 2007)
A Dark Wave From The Black Sea (CD) – In Zare, Victim (Punk version) Exil-System (2007)
Details (CD) – First Contact (Level Non Zero, 2007)
Terry’s Cafe 12 – Hold (Plastic City, 2009)
Party Animals Mixed By Nick Curly & Marco Carola (CD) – Telematiks (Cocoon, 2010)

Discography – Digital Releases:
Homm & Popoviciu – Lagoon EP (Highgrade Digital, 2008)
Homm & Popoviciu – Deaf Sniper EP (Highgrade Digital, 2007)
Mihai Popoviciu – Invader EP (Skills Records, 2007)
Sirgardino – Antimonkey (Mihai Popoviciu remix) (Subtronic, 2007)
Frau Doktor & Napsugar – Supermercado 2007 (Mihai Popoviciu remix) (Beautycase, 2007)

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