Val Laville (Vali Barbulescu)

Val Laville (Vali Barbulescu)

A resident with a weekly radio show the top dance station Vibe FM, Val is also one of the headliners for Liberty Parade, Romania’s biggest dance festival. He is the producer of this year’s Liberty Parade anthem.

When we speak about music usually there are two distinct categories: mainstream and underground. But guess what, there is also a third category: wise guys who know how to mix those first two categories. They know the secret about the true link in musical genres and styles. They believe in diversity, fusion and the eclectic side of sound.

As a DJ, producer or remixer VALI BARBULESCU mixes the underground flavor with the mainstream vibe and the energy he creates is simply amazing.

20 years ago, being just a kid, loving Michael Jackson’s music and looking forward to becoming a famous figure in the world of music Vali had his first DJ gig. A small venue, few people but a great night. And that night was just the begining !

Clubs, venues, radio and tv shows, productions and remixes, they all represent his way of musical expression. The public comes always first and he always respects his audience.

He is called an icon of house music. He has the power to attract people and to make them love electronic music.

He loves to interact with the crowd making everyone speak the same language. A language that is universal and worldwide.

VALI BARBULESCU mixed in so many places to be told but some of them were his favorites:

Kristal (Bucharest, Romania), Vision (Chicago, USA), Soho Revue (London, UK), Venice (Dubai, UAE), Mica Lounge (Montreal, Canada).

He is a part of the biggest Romanian dance event: Liberty Parade. A resident DJ and also the MC for the party that gathers each year more the 60K people.

He won many times “Best Romanian DJ” award among other prices and distinctions but he always makes fun of that. He does his best for the audience not for contests or awards.

As a producer he released two albums, four compilations, many singles (Addicted, Focaccia, Hong Kong, Vert de Paris) and remixes for St. Germain – Rose Rouge, Daft Punk – Technologic, Blaze – My Beat, Fatboy Slim – Star 69 and most recently AVICII’s smash hit Levels.

When performing live he is the adept of update. Devices, software and gadgets they’re all up to date and working smoothly for him. Ableton Live, Traktor Pro, Lemur, iPads and FX processors they are part of his performance. But the most important, the human factor is always there: VALI BARBULESCU DJ.

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