Converge Conference and Showcase (Calgary Stampede)

There is only one place to be in 2012, and that is at Converge in Calgary Alberta, Canada. A celebration of culture and technology, infused with an aromatic blend of digital, fashion, sports, gaming, music, and sustainability sauteed in the theme of energy, and brought to a reduction wrapped and packaged in your brand for all the world to enjoy.

Converge is a joint collaboration between Against the Grain, MadFlower Creative and Glamcity Media. In 2011 we brought Adrian Grenier to experience the Stampede and to give the Stampede audience something special. This year we have even more planned. Including an exclusive dinner by renowned Chef David Rocco.

The Converge Conference and Showcase features two core events providing sponsors with double impact and double the impressions: Converge Cultural Showcase July 6-15, aggregating thousands of influencers (top brands, killer startups, A-list celebrities) and cultural innovators in the realms of sports, music, sustainability and fashion; and Converge Digital Conference & Hackathon July 9-10, connecting tech with the world of energy, sports, music, sustainability and fashion. All happening during the centennial of the Calgary Stampede.

Our vision if to be a powerful and inspiring platform for creativity, innovation and culture around the world. Our mission is that of exchanging ideas, celebrating culture and advancing the human condition. Converge, a celebration of human potential.